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Can I Have the Phone number for Geico Insurance?

Ofcourse sir, are you a GEICO customer looking to get phone number for Geico Insurance in touch with their customer services? Whether you have questions about your coverage, need to make a claim, or want to update your account information, reaching out to GEICO is made easy with their dedicated customer service line.

Contact Information of Geico Insurance

  • Phone Number: 800-861-8380
  • Department: Customer Service
  • Hours of Operation: 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Best Time to Call: 9:30 am

Average Wait Time:

  • The average hold time is 20 minutes.
phone number for geico insurance customer service

Popular Issues:

  • Coverage Questions
  • Making a Claim
  • Updating Account Information
  • Cancelling Policy
  • Refunding a Charge

How to Reach a Live Agent:

What to Expect When You Call:

  • Upon calling, you’ll hear a greeting thanking you for contacting GEICO, with the call potentially being recorded for quality purposes.
  • You might be prompted to confirm if you’re trying to reach the same department, after which you’ll be transferred accordingly.
  • The system might ask for the reason for your call, and you’ll have options to choose from or respond accordingly.
  • Expect the initial menu to guide you through various options such as getting a quote, making a claim, or for other inquiries.

Additional Information:

  • Call-back option is available.
  • Real person assistance is provided.
  • Communication channels include phone, Twitter, and web.
  • The quality of communication and help is rated at 49% and 50% respectively, based on customer feedback.
  • The current wait time can vary but is updated regularly.

GEICO’s Best Toll-Free/800 Customer Phone Number:

  • This number (800-861-8380) is rated as the best way to contact GEICO based on customer feedback.
  • It’s noted for its real-time current wait on hold and tools for skipping the phone queue.
  • Common problems addressed include coverage questions, claims, account updates, and refunds.

Relationship to GetHuman:

  • GEICO and GetHuman are not directly related.
  • GetHuman provides tools and information to assist customers in navigating customer service interactions, including phone call assistance.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the primary GEICO customer service number I can call for inquiries?

For most inquiries, you can reach GEICO through their toll-free helpline. Always refer to the official website for the most up-to-date contact information.

Can I make a claim through the GEICO mobile app?

Yes, the app has features that allow users to report damages and make claims seamlessly. Additionally, you can track your claim’s status through the app.

How long has GEICO been in the insurance business?

GEICO has been serving customers since 1936, making it one of the longstanding leaders in the insurance industry.

Is it possible to get both car and business insurance from GEICO?

Absolutely. GEICO offers a wide range of insurance products, from auto to business insurance, ensuring comprehensive coverage based on individual needs.

How do I “contact GEICO” if I’m outside of the U.S.?

GEICO provides assistance for international callers. It’s advisable to visit their official website for specific international contact information.

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