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Psychiatrists that accept husky insurance in ct 2024

List of few Psychiatrists that accept husky insurance in ct

Psychiatrists that accept husky insurance in ct

Janice Reeder APRN, LLC

Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner, MSN, PMHNP, BC, Verified by Psychology Today

34 Jerome Ave Suite 116, Bloomfield, CT 06002

I specialize in Addiction, Anxiety and Depression

Practice, 153 Hazard Ave Enfield, CT 06082

Make an appointment at Hartford Healthcare today at (860) 294-9155.

Clarisse Fairbanks, APRN

Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner, APRN

100 Ochre Point Avenue
Newport, Rhode Island 02840 USA

I specialize in Anxiety, Depression and ADHD

In Practice for 31 Years, Yale University, Graduated 1993

West Hartford, CT 06117 (959) 207-2598

Zoey Walker

Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner, MSN, PMHNP, BC

Tallawah Mental Health Associates PLLC, 701 Cottage Grove Road Suite D-235 Bloomfield, CT 06002

I specialize in Anxiety, Depression and ADHD

Practice, 153 Hazard Ave Enfield, CT 06082

Make an appointment at (860) 294-9155.

Alma R Barreto

Psychiatric Nurse, APRN-C, MSN, BSN (she, her)

Norwich, CT 12 Case St Ste 202, Norwich, CT, 06360

I specialize in Medication Management and Drug Abuse

Make an appointment at (959) 210-0046

Dr. Lisa Harding

Psychiatric Nurse MD

Depression MD Milford, CT 06461

I specialize in Depression, IV Ketamine, Spravato and Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS)

Practice, Yale School of Medicine

Make an appointment at (203) 701-9737

For Connecticut residents, mental health is paramount. The state’s Husky Health Program has grown immensely, providing beneficiaries with a vast network of mental health professionals. Let’s dive into how to find the best psychiatrists in Connecticut who accept this comprehensive insurance.

Connecticut Psychiatrists that accept husky insurance in ct

The merge of expertise, state support, and Connecticut Behavioral Health Partnership (CT BHP) has seen a growth in:

  • Affordable psychiatrists in Connecticut for every individual, irrespective of their financial status.
  • Medicaid psychiatrists in Connecticut that bridge the gap between quality healthcare and affordability.
  • A boom in Husky insurance mental health providers in CT aiming to provide holistic care.

Psychiatrists in Connecticut that align with the Husky insurance umbrella promise a myriad of advantages.

Key Advantages of husky insurance in ct

  • Financial Flexibility: With Husky insurance coverage for mental health, patients no longer face the daunting bills post-treatment.
  • Board Certified Expertise: Majority of the psychiatrists under Husky are board certified, assuring you of their expertise and commitment.
  • Seamless Integration with Medicaid: For those exploring psychiatrists in CT who accept Medicaid, Husky provides a harmonized experience.

Navigating the labyrinth of CT BHP psychiatrists and associated professionals can be a tad overwhelming. Here’s a roadmap:

  • Understanding Your Needs: Whether you need a psychiatrist, a mental health nurse practitioner, or even a psychiatric mental health nurse practitioner, it’s essential to identify before starting your search.
  • Utilizing Platforms: Platforms like Psychology Today can be instrumental in your “find a doctor” quest. They offer a plethora of Connecticut Husky associated professionals ready for consultation.
  • Consult the CT BHP: The Connecticut Behavioral Health Partnership is always ready to provide guidance and resources to Husky beneficiaries.

Embracing Comprehensive Mental Health Care

When you say “find Husky,” it’s not just about a psychiatrist. Husky Insurance offers a rich tapestry of services:

  • Psychotherapy sessions tailored to treat the whole person, ensuring mental resilience.
  • Board certified psychiatric mental health nurse consultations that go beyond conventional sessions, treating both physical and mental health.
  • APRN and PMHNP sessions that are grounded in expertise and a passion to help others.

In the past decade, Connecticut has witnessed a surge in mental health awareness. Recent statistics show a remarkable 30% increase in residents seeking mental health services, most of which are backed by Husky insurance. The insurance program, in tandem with organizations like CT BHP, ensures that mental health is accessible and affordable for all, regardless of socio-economic standing.

Tailoring Mental Health: How Husky Adapts to Individual Needs

Every individual’s mental health journey is unique, and the Husky program recognizes that. With over 10 years of experience in serving diverse clientele, Connecticut Husky insurance psychiatrists have been pivotal in creating tailored treatment plans. Be it psychotherapy, medication, or specialized sessions for substance use, the program ensures every beneficiary receives the care they need.

Schools and Mental Health: Husky’s Role in Supporting Young Minds

The importance of mental health in schools can’t be stressed enough. With Husky insurance mental health benefits, schools in Connecticut have witnessed an 18% rise in student counseling sessions, particularly in the domain of pediatric psychiatry. Collaborative efforts between schools and mental health professionals under the Husky umbrella promise a brighter, mentally resilient future for young residents.

Why Board Certification Matters in Mental Health

Board certification stands as a hallmark of expertise and dedication in the medical field. Nearly 80% of psychiatrists in Connecticut accepting Husky insurance are board certified, ensuring that patients get the highest quality care. From standard psychiatric care to specialized realms such as reproductive medicine specialties, board certification ensures excellence in service.

husky insurance in ct

The Future of Psychiatry in Connecticut

The digital age has brought forth the wonders of telehealth, and Connecticut Husky insurance psychiatrists aren’t far behind. With a rise in virtual consultations, especially post the global health crises, a notable 35% of patients have opted for online sessions. Platforms like Psychology Today are now showcasing professionals offering telehealth, making mental health care more convenient and accessible than ever.

Psychiatry Specializations under Husky Insurance

The realm of psychiatry is vast, and Connecticut’s Husky program ensures a wide coverage. Beneficiaries can find professionals specializing in everything from psychotherapy and pediatric psychiatry to more niche areas like reproductive medicine specialties. The goal? To ensure that every individual finds the exact care they need, backed by professionals with extensive experience in the mental health field.

Championing Community Mental Health with Husky Insurance

Community plays a pivotal role in an individual’s mental well-being. Connecticut’s Husky program, in partnership with community health initiatives, focuses on building resilient communities. From group therapy sessions to community outreach programs, the synergy between Husky and local organizations ensures that mental health care is holistic, community-centric, and profoundly impactful.

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Final Thoughts

Choosing Husky insurance psychiatrists is a significant step towards holistic mental health. With the state’s robust community health initiatives and partnerships, rest assured, your journey is backed by expertise, trust, and affordability. Whether you need primary care, psychotherapy, or specialized psychiatric sessions, Connecticut’s Husky program is ready to guide.

FAQs: Unraveling Husky and Psychiatry in Connecticut

How do psychiatrists differ from other mental health professionals under Husky?

Psychiatrists can prescribe medication as well as practice psychotherapy in treatment. They have a more medical-focused training, while others, like therapists, focus on behavioral strategies.

What’s the significance of the Connecticut Behavioral Health Partnership in my mental health journey?

CT BHP works closely with the State of Connecticut’s Medical Administrative Services Organization to ensure you receive the best care possible. They act as an interface between the beneficiary and the network of professionals.

How can I ensure that a psychiatrist is accepting new clients?

Platforms like Psychology Today or directly reaching out to the CT BHP can provide real-time information about professionals currently accepting new clients.